Farming GT - Weeding Robot

Rent a farming GT


Powerful, energy-efficient and autonomous

1,35 - 2,25 m

Track width

Easily adaptable to your crops

20 %


4-wheel drive, crab steering in slopes, low weight

1,5 kW


Fully electrical, light-weight, low CO2 footprint, no hydraulics

24 / 7


Fully autonomous, optional remote supervision over internet, 30h autonomy (through range extender)

Precise and reliable plant recognition



Cabbage, lettuce varieties, onions, corn, sugar beet, pumpkin, field bean, potato, canola, soybean, wheat, ...

1 cm

Plant size

Distinguishes small plants (starting from cotyledon stage), day and night

99 %


Largest annotated plant image database in the world

Robust and effective weeding

0 %


Fully mechanical treatment with rotating chopper for harshest conditions

5 mm


Removal of weeds close to the crop, even when crops and weeds overlap

100 %


In-row and inter-row weeding, large and small weeds, hard and sandy soils

Field days

During the winter season, our robots work on different crops in southern Spain. Feel free to visit us on site.

In 2022 you can see our Farming GTs at field days in your region. We will publish a list here in due time.

In spring 2022, customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France will be using the Farming GT.